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As a fellow traveler on this journey of life, I know you’ve been through a lot. And you’ve met pain along the way. Maybe you’re going through something emotionally intense right now, like a divorce, job loss, or death of a loved one. Or perhaps you have some pain from your past that still casts a shadow over your present.



As a society, we do everything we can to avoid them

  • We numb them with food, drink or other substances.
  • We distract ourselves with work, the media, and other ways of staying busy.
  • Or we shove them down and pretend they doesn’t exist.


At best painful feelings rise up again to be dealt with later. 

At worst they can get trapped in the body and…

  • manifest as a physical pain or illness

  • fuel dis-empowering habits such as emotional over-eating or smoking

  • keep the nervous system stuck in ongoing problems such as insomnia, anxiety, depression, or PTSD


    I AM


    As an EFT and Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner, it is my mission to help you deeply heal your pain and ultimately embrace it as a great teacher and tremendous opportunity for personal growth and transformation.

    Although talking about your feelings is a good start, feelings live more in the realm of the emotional, pre-verbal part of the brain rather than in the cognitive, language-oriented area. 

    What really sets EFT and Matrix Reimprinting apart from traditional talk therapy is that it has the ability to directly communicate with the emotional part of the brain in a way that talking alone never could. 


    When you can ease and soothe the part of the brain that controls emotions and stressful memories you can suddenly move through painful feelings faster and more effectively than you ever thought possible!

    Specifically, these techniques can help you:

    • Get off (or at least slow down!) the emotional roller coaster

    • Ease fears and anxieties

    • Break the cycle of obsessive thoughts

    • Calm and soothe the nervous system

    • Dramatically reduce emotional intensity around past events

    • Move toward forgiveness

    • Rewire the brain to experience more peace and less stress

    • Re-program old belief systems

    • Improve sleep and well-being

    • Reduce physical pain

    • Embrace pain as a great teacher and tremendous opportunity for personal growth and transformation

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    To say that I feel fundamentally changed for the better is an understatement. Every facet of my life has improved because of Jennifer and her work with EFT. I am free of the emotional burdens that had been negatively affecting my life for decades. I now enjoy an easy, natural contentment that is both surprising and delightful! The difference is profound.

    The process was at times challenging, but the healing that took place was beyond what I had imagined or could have hoped for. I highly recommend that you dive in, roll up your sleeves and make the commitment to transition from emotionally burdened to emotionally FREE. The process works, on so many levels, and Jennifer is an excellent guide on your personal journey to emotional freedom.

    Karen B.

    Folsom, California

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