This article comes to us from guest blogger Jennifer Scott, who is an advocate for opening up about mental health. With, Ms. Scott offers a forum where those living with anxiety and depression can discuss their experiences.

Ending a toxic relationship can be a stressful, depressing experience, even if you know that change is necessary. While ending a bad relationship can be difficult, it often sets the stage for a major life transition that leads you to a better, healthier place. The process of moving on may be a complicated one, but there are some strategies you can utilize to make it a bit easier.

Recognize when a relationship becomes unhealthy

The Art of Charm suggests that a relationship where someone tries to control you, disregards your boundaries, or refuses to be honest or take responsibility for issues may be too toxic to continue. Of course, addiction comes into play in many toxic relationships, and while it can be difficult to put an end to these partnerships, it may be essential for your own well-being.

It is common to doubt yourself and your decisions while you are in the middle of a stressful relationship. Trying to end a bad partnership can be complicated and intense, but embracing this type of transition is essential to building a happier life in the long run. It is important to understand that this is a process, and it will take a concerted effort to end the bad habits associated with the problematic relationship and build new, positive habits.

MSN recommends taking some time to acknowledge what is toxic about the relationship and recognize that if it is consistently tearing you down rather than building you up, it’s time to move on. You will need to set boundaries as you embark upon this transition and stick to your guns about moving on to a healthier place.

Focus on new positive habits that will build a happier life

Rather than stay stuck in the negativity of your problematic relationship, focus on moving forward and building up a positive new life. Elite Daily suggests that you fill up your schedule with positive activities and engagements with friends who will help you change your life for the better. Connecting with friends or venturing out on your own for physical exercise can be a great strategy for building a new stress-free life.

Embracing physical activity as you put a toxic relationship behind you serves to rebuild your confidence, explains Fitness Republic. It helps you to put yourself and your overall wellness first and can provide a sense of order and calm in the midst of a major life transition like this. Exercise not only builds up your physical wellness, but it helps to reduce stress and combat addiction tendencies too.

Mindfulness activities can be essential to reducing stress

You may also find that you can reduce depression and an addiction to your past bad relationship by embracing meditation and other mindfulness techniques. Help Guide details that relaxation techniques such as meditation and deep breathing can both boost your mood and energy levels as well as reduce your stress levels.

Ditching bad habits can be difficult, but embracing positive habits like focusing on relaxation techniques can increase the blood flow to your brain, relax your muscles, and stabilize your blood pressures as it boosts your productivity and motivation. As you start to feel more energetic and less stressed, you will be better able to move forward in your new, healthy, and happy life and leave the negatives of your former relationship behind you.

Practice EFT/Tapping for support

EFT/Tapping is a remarkable healing technique that works on three levels: 1) it reduces the physical symptoms of stress, 2) it greatly diminishes the emotional intensity around past traumatic events, and 3) it rewires the brain to experience life differently. 

Both being in a toxic relationship and leaving a toxic relationship can cause extreme stress and trauma.  EFT actually communicates with the more primitive, non-verbal part of the brain that holds and controls stress, the stress response, emotions and habits.  Tapping on the meridian points while focusing on a stressful event or emotions communicates with this part of the brain to release stress, stressful emotions and unwanted habits.  Having such a powerful technique literally at your fingertips to reduce the physical symptoms of stress and the emotional intensity around traumatic events is invaluable during this fragile time of transition. 

It is rarely easy to say goodbye to a toxic partner and transition to life on your own, even if your relationship was unhealthy. As you build a healthier, happier life, you can make a concerted effort to ditch bad habits and replace them with good ones. Embrace activities like meditation, exercise, and EFT during a period of transition to set the stage for a positive new life and leave the stress of a toxic relationship behind you. The process may be challenging, but you can ultimately enjoy a much more positive life by recognizing and ending a bad relationship.