The P.E.A.C.E. Program Structure

6 Months, 12 sessions, you will feel like a different person.

The Structure of the Program

In our six months together, you’ll receive: 

12 uniquely designed workbook lessons delivered via e-mail

These lessons guide you step-by-step through each module and provide exercises and questions for reflection and journaling. They’re designed to support you in using the technique in your own time and bringing important issues to the surface to work on during your private sessions.

12 private 75-minute Zoom sessions with me

In these 1:1 sessions we will use the magic tool of tapping to process together all the work you will have done on your own in each lesson. These sessions are powerful! I’ve had many clients report that one session can feel as valuable as ten years of traditional talk therapy. People are generally amazed at the deep healing and peace they feel when they process their emotions this way or energetically lay down burdens they’ve been carrying for years or decades!  At the end of 12 sessions, you will feel like a different person. You will have 26 weeks to work through the 12 workbook lessons and schedule your 12 1:1 sessions.

Private Facebook Group

During your six month journey you will find love, compassion, and support from a heart-centered community of women traveling a similar path.

Email support

While Facebook is encouraged for most communication, if you bump up against an issue that’s too personal for a group post, I welcome emails over the course of the program.

Finding P.E.A.C.E. in the Pieces is designed to transform a painful period in your life to one of deep healing, inspiration and expansion.  You’ll walk this path with other like-minded women who want to experience this same growth and transformation.


The value you are receiving – changing one of the most painful times of your life into one of the most inspirational and transformational – is priceless.


I will never be able to fully repay or thank Jennifer for her work with me.  I grew as a person, came to understand who I really am, let go of so many built-up emotions, and have become so strong.  It was definitely the best thing I have ever done for myself!  It was worth every penny and I would have paid more! 

Cristina T.

Placerville, CA

Divorce Recovery Program

Program Modules

Why the Peace Program?

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