As the days grow warmer and lighter, the earth becomes radiant with new life.  Likewise, it is a wonderful time to give birth to new possibilities in your own life.  Are you yearning to lose weight?  Live a healthier life style?  Establish or grow a business?  Break a dis-empowering habit?  Find new love?  To make room for these new goals, you first need to create new space.

Cleaning out closets and old clutter is a tangible and highly recommended way to start making room for new things, but to really create the space for new possibilities to flourish, it is helpful to do a mental/emotional cleaning as well.  The process of cleaning out physical clutter and mental/emotional clutter are similar in some ways.

When old clutter is safely hidden behind closed closet doors it is natural to forget about it and feel like it isn’t doing any harm – and it is so easy to put off clearing it out.  But all of that old stuff is clogging up space and not allowing more current and useful things to come in.  Likewise, traumatic memories that occurred years or decades ago can be easy to forget about when they are “safely” held at bay in the subconscious.  Yet these are the memories that may have resulted in debilitating thought patterns, beliefs, and habits that continue to rule our lives in more ways than we are even consciously aware. Just as it is important to clear out physical spaces, it is important to clear out mental/emotional spaces from time to time, even if it feels hard to begin.

After putting it off for several months you finally feel ready to roll up your sleeves and sort through the boxes and piles collected over years or decades.  Within an hour your once safely hidden collections are now strewn about and covering the whole floor.  It is not even safe to walk in the room for a time!  At this stage things definitely feel worse than when you started.  It can even be overwhelming and you sometimes have to fight a strong desire to give up. 

But persistence pays off.  Eventually useful gems are mined and put in a more accessible space or given to others who will treasure them, usable items are given to charity, and things no longer useful to anyone are delivered to the dump.  The closet – and even the whole room! – have a new sense of energy and movement about them.  The old mess that was clogging the flow is now dispersed to rightful places.

The same is true with clearing out old memories, beliefs and habits.  You find what is loving and empowering and treasure that.  Memories and beliefs that are painful or disempowering need to be fully processed so you can be released and freed from their hold. 

Finding tools to safely and thoroughly neutralize and process these old memories so they no longer negatively affect our lives can be deeply transformative. EFT and Matrix Reimprinting are the best tools I have found to accomplish this.  They have been scientifically proven to dramatically reduce the emotional intensity around past events and rewire the brain to experience life differently. 

The process can be like detective work and there is nothing more rewarding than finding and dissolving the roots of negative beliefs that have been keeping you stuck!  It is amazing how hurtful the words or behaviors of parents, teachers or others can be and how freeing it is to finally release and let go of the old baggage.  Clients almost always say they feel lighter, freer and more at peace after a session.  But the true reward is when they report finally losing the weight they desire, breaking old habits, or responding to the world in a more peaceful, grounded way.  This comes from clearing out the old and allowing the new.