I was doing really well with my sleep until the day came for me to do my taxes. I don’t think I’ve ever really liked doing my taxes, but I like them a lot less since I have been self-employed. After about two months of looking at those piles of receipts and records with a gnawing feeling, I finally sat down and did them.

And it turned out OK. I had actually estimated pretty well and had a lot more saved than I needed to hand over to the IRS in April. But still the tension, the worry and concern that had been in my body as I held my breath after each number, the many calculations, even the simple act of sitting in front of my computer for so many hours without a break… it all affected my sleep. So, I wasn’t too surprised when I woke up that night to my husband’s snoring and numbers whirling in my head. I got up for a bit, but then couldn’t go back to sleep because he was still snoring. I poked him and asked him to roll over, but he got cranky, and it didn’t really work. I eventually got some drifting sleep, but definitely felt tired and out of sorts the next day. I was really looking forward to a good, solid sleep that night!

That night, however, after just an hour, I woke to my husband snoring LOUDLY. I was sure that was what had woken me up. I was mad, livid even. I so wanted a good sleep and here he was waking me up with his snoring — AGAIN!

I immediately got up and began doing my Emotional Freedom Techniques (also known as EFT or tapping). On a scale of 0-10, frustration, anger, and disappointment were all 10’s! I tapped hard, fast, and furious. I think I included statements like, “I’m so sick of his snoring, I want my own bedroom!!” along with, “I’m so sick of myself for having this issue and being so sensitive to his snoring!” After maybe two rounds, everything calmed down to about a 2.

Then came this huge shift. From deep in my heart I heard myself offer unconditional love and compassion to both my husband and myself. A warm, glowing light flooded my body. Everything felt different. The anger, frustration, and disappointment were gone, and I was ready to go back to the bedroom. I decided that, even if I didn’t fall back to sleep, this new state of glowing unconditional love and compassion would rest and heal my body.

When I got back to bed my husband was still snoring. Instead of waking him up, I put my hand over his heart and offered him the unconditional love and compassion I had just connected with and managed to fall asleep despite the noise. In the morning, we both felt a lot better than we had the previous day.

Since that night I have had deep, refreshing sleep. Even when I’ve woken up to go to the bathroom, I haven’t heard him snoring. I don’t know if his snoring has actually lessened or if I just shifted so much internally that I no longer hear it. At any rate, it was a profound experience that I’m hoping to apply to many situations.