Melanie Hoffman
March 21, 2017

When I came to see Jennifer I had a fear of thunderstorms that started when I was a child.  Whenever I heard thunder I would feel extremely anxious, shaky and tearful until the storm had passed.  There was even a time just a few years ago when I had people over during a big storm and tears kept streaming down my cheeks — it was embarrassing.

In my session with Jennifer we went back to visit my 7-year-old self who had been so frightened.  With the tapping we were able to talk to the part of my brain that had stored all of that fear and terror and let it know it was safe to let it go. We worked with a couple of other incidents and when I left, I no longer felt stressed thinking about thunder storms.  That was completely different!

A couple weeks ago I woke up to rolling thunder, lifted my head and thought, “Oh…thunder.”  I noticed my heart rate didn’t even increase and said to myself, “Oh, I guess is the way most people feel,” and went right back to sleep.

Talk about changing on a cellular level!!!

Now I know if I slip into fear again, I have the tools to comfort my little 7-year-old self.