Susan D Testimonial
Sacramento, CA
July 17, 2017

Jennifer helped me immeasurably during a time of huge transitions and great stress.  When we began, I felt overwhelmed and depressed, physically and emotionally injured.  With each visit we unearthed root causes of my fears, anxiety, and traumatic experiences hidden deep within. I was immediately comfortable telling Jennifer my life’s journey.  She would ask a few questions and I would find myself easily sharing my darkest secrets and emotional injuries.  Sometimes, I would have no idea where the memories came from as I had buried them so long ago.  Jennifer was always calm, professional and understanding; never judging me or my experiences.  As we moved through our series of appointments, Jennifer provided me with tools to help me endure the continuing changes in my life.  Slowly, I could feel myself grounding again – and a new me emerging!  I was becoming more comfortable in my own skin.  In the beginning, I could only say I was “working on accepting myself”; but as weeks progressed, I naturally transitioned to “I completely love and accept myself.”