Powerful results!



During childhood I had some traumatic experiences that would get triggered by things in my environment — movies, TV shows, current situations, etc.  When this happened, I would feel anxious and uncomfortable.  Jennifer helped me work through these experiences with EFT and Matrix Reimprinting, so that I am no longer triggered by these old things!  I can now focus on the present and enjoy my life more!

Kathy Russell El Dorado Hills, CA November 6, 2018

EFT is so powerful!  It heals on many levels simultaneously (physical, psychological and energetic).  I healed four core issues (including childhood trauma) with just six sessions!  As someone who previously completed 7 years of talk therapy, this is HUGE!  I literally left Jennifer Jackson’s office feeling like a different person.  She is a skilled practitioner and I would recommend her to anyone.

C G Rancho Cordova, CA November 20, 2017

Jennifer helped me immeasurably during a time of huge transitions and great stress.  When we began, I felt overwhelmed and depressed, physically and emotionally injured.  With each visit we unearthed root causes of my fears, anxiety, and traumatic experiences hidden deep within. I was immediately comfortable telling Jennifer my life’s journey.  She would ask a few questions and I would find myself easily sharing my darkest secrets and emotional injuries.  Sometimes, I would have no idea where the memories came from as I had buried them so long ago.  Jennifer was always calm, professional and understanding; never judging me or my experiences.  As we moved through our series of appointments, Jennifer provided me with tools to help me endure the continuing changes in my life.  Slowly, I could feel myself grounding again – and a new me emerging!  I was becoming more comfortable in my own skin.  In the beginning, I could only say I was “working on accepting myself”; but as weeks progressed, I naturally transitioned to “I completely love and accept myself.”

S D Sacramento, CA July 17, 2017

EFT is off the charts!  I am a different person than I was a couple months ago.  When I try to think about the issues I came in for, I realize they are gone.  The heavy feelings that had been weighing me down for so long seem to be permanently erased from my consciousness by this amazing technology.  When I think about all the time and money I have spent over the years on different therapies and supplements, I realize I could have saved so much if I had just started here!  I feel so good all the time now.

Steve Cooper Fair Oaks, CA July 13, 2017

I first met Jennifer at one of her workshops.  When I arrived, my anxiety level was about an 8, but during the workshop I was amazed at how it completely went away.  I had been wanting therapy for my anxiety and childhood issues for over ten years, and after experiencing the class, I felt Jennifer was the person I could trust to help me.

I signed up for a 12-week package and came once a week for 90 minutes. It was exactly what I had been looking for!  I was able to trust Jennifer completely and always felt comfortable telling her anything, and her tapping method was just what I needed to work through my issues.

I will never be able to fully repay or thank Jennifer for her work with me.  She literally has changed my life in ways I never thought possible.  I grew as a person, came to understand who I really am, let go of so many built-up emotions, and have become so strong.  It was definitely the best thing I have ever done for myself!  Even though my work on these issues has come to a close, I plan to see Jennifer in the future for many other areas of my life.


Cristina Thomas Placerville, CA July 3, 2017

When I came to see Jennifer I was smoking two packs of cigarettes a day and had been smoking most of my life.  I had recently made many improvements in my health and was feeling better than I had in years, but knew smoking was holding me back from my full potential.  I had quit before, but thinking about doing it again made me extremely anxious and stressed.  I had one carton of cigarettes left and was planning to quit when I had finished that…

I was skeptical about this tapping thing, but willing to give it a try.  During my session with Jennifer I was surprised at how much the tapping was able to calm my stress and anxiety when I imagined quitting.  We gently worked through my layers of resistance until finally I knew I did not need to smoke through that final carton.  I was DONE with smoking! I left her office about a month ago and have not smoked since – and it hasn’t been nearly as bad as I thought it would be.  The tapping has helped so much!

Tod Brett Boulder Creek, CA March 21, 2017

When I came to see Jennifer I had a fear of thunderstorms that started when I was a child.  Whenever I heard thunder I would feel extremely anxious, shaky and tearful until the storm had passed.  There was even a time just a few years ago when I had people over during a big storm and tears kept streaming down my cheeks — it was embarrassing.

In my session with Jennifer we went back to visit my 7-year-old self who had been so frightened.  With the tapping we were able to talk to the part of my brain that had stored all of that fear and terror and let it know it was safe to let it go. We worked with a couple of other incidents and when I left, I no longer felt stressed thinking about thunder storms.  That was completely different!

A couple weeks ago I woke up to rolling thunder, lifted my head and thought, “Oh…thunder.”  I noticed my heart rate didn’t even increase and said to myself, “Oh, I guess is the way most people feel,” and went right back to sleep.

Talk about changing on a cellular level!!!

Now I know if I slip into fear again, I have the tools to comfort my little 7-year-old self.

Melanie Hoffman El Dorado Hills, CA March 21, 2017

I had struggled with driving anxiety for 6-7 years and had really found no help for it. I’d tried regular talk therapy as well as EMDR and NLP therapies, and, while those methods helped a little, my anxiety kept coming back. It had gotten to the point where I had trouble even getting on the freeway in my own area, roads I have driven for years. I could not drive out of my own region at all – I, who had always been the driver for our family. My poor husband had to do all the long distance and vacation driving for the last several years, which frustrated us both. My life had become extremely limited by my fear.

Enter Jennifer Jackson and EFT/Matrix Reimprinting. I’m so pleased I gave EFT a chance. Jennifer has helped me work through all the issues around my driving anxiety – car accidents, panic attacks, not trusting myself – and really resolve them completely. I no longer start to worry about getting on the freeway hours in advance of the actual trip. I don’t have to play specific music that I can sing loudly with in order to distract myself from panicking. If there’s traffic, slow downs, stop-and-go – it doesn’t faze me at all. My life feels like it has opened up again, with new possibilities waiting for me…just down the road.

Thank you so much, Jennifer!

Jane Lewis Roseville, CA March 21, 2017

To say that I feel fundamentally changed for the better is an understatement. Every facet of my life has improved because of Jennifer and her work with EFT. I am free of the emotional burdens that had been negatively affecting my life for decades. I now enjoy an easy, natural contentment that is both surprising and delightful! The difference is profound.

The process was at times challenging, but the healing that took place was beyond what I had imagined or could have hoped for. I highly recommend that you dive in, roll your sleeves up and make the commitment to transition from emotionally burdened to emotionally FREE. The process works, on so many levels, and Jennifer is an excellent guide on your personal journey to emotional freedom.

KLB Folsom, CA November 30, 2016

I am still amazed at my results. I’m sleeping GREAT!  I haven’t been anxious since our last session, which is record breaking. I just can’t believe how much calmer I feel.  The constant knots in my stomach have dissipated and I really feel like a new person.    I have been trying to work on some of this anxiety for years and I feel like you jump-started the healing process by tenfold. I can’t thank you enough and I am just so grateful to have found you.

JZ Placerville, CA August 9, 2015

Jennifer worked with me on my insomnia and some pain issues. There is a wonderful sense of relief after a session. Sort of like a large weight lifting from your shoulders. The treatments are very effective! And Jen is great to work with!!!

Shannon C. Spokane, WA June 7, 2015

I have had incredible results working with Jennifer.  I went to her during a very challenging time to get support around anger and grief. My sessions with Jennifer and her powerful capacity to hold space supported my wholeness journey tremendously. I am forever grateful for the work she brings with grace, presence and life changing results.

Jennifer R Placerville, CA June 1, 2015

The time I have spent with Jennifer working through issues using EFT  has caused major shifts and openings in my life. The effort to connect to the feelings and emotions to “unstick” them is so worth what you come out with on the other side. I appreciate how Jennifer worked with me to push myself while at the same time keeping me within in safe boundaries. I am blessed to have her healing powers in my spiritual toolbox to pull out when needed.”


J.W. Sacramento, CA June 1, 2015

…The meds helped at first but eventually stopped working as my body developed a tolerance to them… and the real issues concerning my insomnia were not being addressed. And then Jennifer came into my life! With her unique insights and techniques I was able to start sleeping like a baby. Not only am I sleeping deeply, I no longer wake up in the middle of the night and I no longer worry about “bedtime” for fear of not being able to sleep!! What a Blessing! Thank You Jennifer!

Ilia B. Pembroke Pines, FL May 19, 2015

Jennifer had such a gentle, kind approach with her tapping with me on the phone. I have to say I am a visual learner so I was apprehensive to having our sessions on the phone but we had such AMAZING results working together! Jennifer listened intently and actually noticed when I had a spot I was stuck in or getting sensitive to.
Somehow she knew just the right words to say that either triggered me (so we could tap on them) or sent me peace. The results were Phenomenal! It continues to surprise me how something that I am stressing about right now usually has something to do with something in childhood.
I am so grateful to have met Jennifer to have EFT sessions with her.

Elda D. Minneapolis, MN October 24, 2014

I was going through a really difficult time with my sleep and was EXHAUSTED all the time. After my session with Jennifer I closed my eyes and had the deepest, most refreshing sleep I had had in ages. I felt so amazing when I woke up, it was like a miracle!

That session was two years ago and totally shifted my problem. Thank God I don’t have sleep issues any more. I sleep really well now.

Grace Burcham Folsom, CA October 10, 2014

Jennifer demonstrates genuine interest and natural capacity when she enters into the scope of my issue, and guides me to meet it in a palpable way. Through her clarity of thinking and speaking, beauty and peace of vocal tone, she guides me to experience the work powerfully.  By the end of a session, I find I have gained something of an experience of what I want to achieve. Now, and forevermore, I have this tool to tap into as I move along the road to manifesting my bigger intention.

The work Jennifer does is practical and nurturing, grounded and soothing. I am inspired to continue on my journey in an uplifted, positive, and devoted way.  Jennifer has brought me to a wholly new place around my issue. I highly recommend working with her over a period of time in the course of facing one’s personal challenges and goals.

Amber F. Gold River, CA October 10, 2014

Because I felt safe and relaxed during my session with Jennifer I was able to create a detailed, positive, healthy image of how to approach a very challenging situation in my life. Living into this vision with my body, mind and soul intention has allowed me to transform what is possible for me.

To me Jennifer’s work is about expanding possibilities and I can see how this could be applied to any type of healing an individual intends to do.

Annette M. Diamond Springs, CA October 10, 2014

We create our own reality but I had something within me blocking the creation of what I wanted. Your program has so greatly adjusted my emotions and thoughts toward my goal and I am delighted!

Your personality and skill (and voice – wow!) moved energy throughout the process while also creating an atmosphere where I felt safe and comfortable.

Each session was enjoyable and looking back, each one took a step toward adjusting my thoughts and attitude. Although I find it difficult to capture the experience in words, it was like a deep, deep breath in and a long satisfying exhale, leaving me comfortable and calm so I can be in a space to create my desired reality.

Susan S. Shingle Springs, CA October 10, 2014

In Jennifer’s Coaching session, her sensitivity and intuition awakened me to see what’s possible in my dream for my life.  I now had the power to not only recognize old belief patterns, but to dissolve them and let them go.  Through her healing touch and words, I felt a new confidence and an expansiveness that I hadn’t experienced before.

Barbara Thoroughman Placerville, CA October 10, 2014