Powerful results!



I had a session with Jen the day before my surgery. She set my mind at ease and gave my body a sense of calm and peace. I can hardly describe it. It was surreal. I felt like a tremendous weight had been relieved and felt the stress evaporate.

She is without a doubt someone with a spiritual healing touch!! I thank her for helping me to prepare for the operating room and know that she really helped my mind and body!


Jodie Fisher Diamond Springs, CA October 10, 2014

Jennifer weaves an energetic healing tapestry using her unique gifts of sound and movement vibrations. I feel safe in her presence. This sweet cleansing energy lingers long after our session.

Anne Marie Olson Folsom, CA October 10, 2014

After the session, I felt my whole body and mind had been lifted from all of the emotions and sadness that had been weighing me down.  I felt refreshed with the positive energies I was now filled with.  I felt a deep sense of peace.

Miranda E. Placerville, CA October 10, 2014

Since my first session, I have noticed that my pattern is already reset. It is stunning. I do not understand how it was so effective, but that is not really important. I am altogether happier as a result.

Suzanne W. Placerville, CA October 10, 2014

I started getting frequent migraines as soon as menopause hit. They were affecting my ability to function in life. I was frustrated and in pain.  Many months ago, on a day I had a severe headache, I had my first appointment with Jennifer. One EFT session and they’re gone! No more migraines.  Wow!

J.S. Rescue, CA October 10, 2014

Although I suffered a broken back several years ago, I had had two totally pain free years until last summer. After following my physician’s recommendations, pursuing months of physical therapy as well as consulting specialists in pain management, my back pain was worsening and effectively ruling my life.

At this point I decided to seek out a practitioner experienced in energy techniques that bridge the mind-body connection. Jennifer, an EFT coach, was that practitioner. She was a joy to work with, and clearly heard, deeply understood and resonated with what I was thinking and feeling. After only two sessions I no longer have any back pain! Thank you, Jennifer.

Kristina Rice-Erso, PhD, CNS, RN Spokane, WA October 10, 2014

I loved my appointment with you, so relaxing and healing!  I couldn’t believe how well I slept after it.  After all those weeks of horrible sleep, it was truly a miracle.

G. D. Placerville, CA October 10, 2014