Have you had pain for a while?  Are you willing to entertain the possibility that behind that pain lies trapped emotion?  If so, read on… relief could be in sight!

Nobody likes to feel painful emotions.  As a society we do everything we can not to feel them: we numb them with substances, food, the media or other addictions, we block them out by over-scheduling, we deflect them, project them, anything to avoid the pain.  But what happens when emotions don’t get processed?  They can get trapped in the body and manifest as a physical pain or illness, they can fuel dis-empowering habits such as emotional over-eating or smoking, or they can keep the nervous system stuck in ongoing problems such as insomnia, anxiety, or depression.  In fact, I strongly believe that behind any unwanted condition lies unprocessed emotions. 

In this workshop I am going to share a technique to deeply process trapped emotions that are manifesting as pain of any kind – physical, emotional, or habitual. Come join us as we tap into pain relief and step into freedom.

This workshop was so powerful in June we are doing a repeat for July!

Saturday, July 15th from 10:00-11:30 a.m.

Internal Wisdom Wellness Center, 324 S. Lexington Drive, Folsom

Tuition: $30

Call Ben at 916-817-4407 to reserve your spot